Tomsk University became an official resident of Skolkovo


A solemn ceremony for new residents of Skolkovo took place in Moscow. The Research and Development Center for Smart Energy Systems founded by the Energy Institute of Tomsk Polytechnic University was awarded the official certificate of a member resident of the Skolkovo Innovation Center.

"There has never been any center of excellence in Russia before. We are the first robin," said Yuri Borovikov, TPU Deputy Rector and Director of the Energy Institute. He says that the center will work on ten projects for development of smart energy systems. At the first stage, projects in three disciplines have been submitted.

"The first and the largest aspect is grid manageability and supervision, the second is the typology of smart grids with active consumers, and the third is integration of renewable distributed energy sources," he said.

Each aspect will be developed by an international team of scientists – a Russian and a foreign professors with their associates and post-graduate students. A total of ten professors, about 20 research associates and 50-60 students are expected to work in the Center.

At the official ceremony the TPU delegates also received a symbolic crystal cube with the name of the Center on it and a laser engraving of a spider web inside which symbolizes unity and interaction of the innovation center's clusters.


The R&D Center for Smart Energy Systems was founded in 2011 by Tomsk Polytechnic University and Irkutsk-based Institute of Energy Systems named after Academician Melentyev, on the parity basis. Apart from the two founders, the Center works with the Institute of Energy Research of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science, Technical University of Dortmund, Germany, and Magdeburg University, Germany.

Source: Tomsk Region Administration Information Server
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