Fish farms start to develop in 22 Tomsk region water reservoirs


In March, at the Rosrybolovstva board (Moscow), the Tomsk region was recognized among the leaders in the rate of aquaculture development. Over the past years, this sector shows a steady growth dynamics. In 2016, the volume of farmed fish increased by 15% (to 70 tons) in the region, the production of fish planting material increased to 31 million pieces. For 2 years in a row, 72 lakes have been investigated, 22 of which have been transferred for aquaculture purposes.

The region pays a great attention to fish farming development. In 2017, 2.7 million rubles are provided for the support of fish farming. Almost 1.2 million rubles will be spent for subsidizing the cost of buying feed and biological supplements and purchasing fish planting materials, also 1.5 million rubles for the creation of commodity-growing fish farming and cage culture lines.

For fishponds users is necessary to fulfill contractual obligations such as, to stock a water reservoir with fish, to maintain a favorable ecological state, but also to use the territory in complex, developing of infrastructure for tourism services and amateur fishing.

During the spring, those water reservoirs will be stocked of fish, among the most popular Tomsk fish species are trout, carp, pelyad and white amur. At the meeting fish farms such as Parabelskiy fish farm, OOO Tomsk Research and Production Complex, OOO Tomsk Ecology NPO, OOO Baturinsky Rybopitomnik have presented potential capabilities of providing of fish stocks (larvae, juvenile fishes) and work experience for new users.

The next stage will be the development of pasture, commodity fish farming in water reservoirs and the creation of farmer fish farms with cage culture lines. In addition, many entrepreneurs intend to create recreational areas and tourist bases on their fishponds. In the region, there are already more than 40 legal touristic bases and a hitch, for the last five years their number has increased by one third.

The transferring work to entrepreneurs for long-term using and developing of closed water reservoirs for fish farming will continue in the region, and also channel ponds with watercourses. In the Tomsk region about four hundred of channel ponds with watercourses, it is almost 110 thousand hectares of water area, availible for conducting commercial fish farming.

Source: Administration of the Tomsk Region
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