Scientific and Technical Council of Agricultural Industrial Complex Approved the Concept of Accelerated Development of Beef Cattle Breeding in the Tomsk Region


The document approved with the Committee of Agrarian politics of State Duma of Russian Federation and included to the catalog of pilot projects of development of agricultural cooperation of Federal Corporation of development of small and middle enterprises.

According to concept, the region will divide to a few territories for servicing local integrator companies. They will be the key parts of public private partnership in construction and development of cattle farms, organization of selection mechanism, procurement of fodder, veterinarian and technical operation, support of electronical base of cattle, delivery and logistic.

The central integrator is the one-stop operator of regional program of beef cattle breeding development for supporting of trade and distribution connections with the regional and federal processers.

In 2017 in the frame of concept realization in Tomsk region will create no less than 5 new cattle farm, in 2018 – more than 30. In 2025 on the Tomsk region territory will work more than 300 of cattle farms included to cooperation.

Source: Administration of the Tomsk Region
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