Participants of SpIC and Residents of Tomsk SEZ Received Tax Benefits


The participating companies of special investment contracts (SpIC) and residents of the Tomsk special economic zone (Tomsk SEZ) received tax preferences; the decision was made by deputies of the Legislative Duma of the Tomsk region.

The region's first SpIC – production of domestic antisurgeons and adjusting valves and electric drives to them for Gazprom is created at the Tomsk electromechanical plant. The volume of investment into creation of production base is 1,5 billion rubles. Only five SpICs are created in the Russian Federation. The reason is a high threshold of obligatory investments into production – 700 million rubles.

"It is important for us to render measure of tax support to the investor companies, but at the same time not to worsen budget situation... We use experience of our neighbors, in particular residents of Kemerovo... These privileges aren't applied to the operating taxes, and we don't worsen a financial position of the budget of the region", – the Deputy Governor for Investments and Property Relations Yury Gurdin noted.

It agrees to the law adopted by the regional Duma, the participating investor of SpIC is exempted from payment of the property tax of 50% of the amount credited in the regional budget for five years. Besides, the income tax transferred to the regional budget will decrease up to 5% within the first five years and 10% for all years of action of SpIC.

"A privilege which we give are loss of income, 235 million rubles... Whether there will be no claims from the Ministry of Finance subsequently that we produced privileges in the region, and at the same time seek to receive federal money?" – the deputy Igor Chernyshev specified.

 Representatives of the regional power assured the deputy that this initiative is coordinated with the Ministry of Finance and any complaints from supervisory authorities won't follow. "It is remarkable that we finally started investment with tax benefits of production workers. It is absolutely necessary measure of support", – the deputy Ekaterina Sobkanyuk noted.

Tax preferences were received also by residents of the Tomsk SEZ. Income tax rate for them is lowered from 13,5% to 12,5% according to the federal legislation. Deputies of the regional Duma supported these initiatives unanimously.

Source: RIA Tomsk
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