Tomsk Development Will Light IKEA Shops Across all Russia


Tomsk scientists with the assistance of Krasnodar colleagues created hybrid system of lighting, which allows to save more than 60% of electric power in comparison with lighting systems on metal-halide lamps; the novelty will be used in shops of IKEA network.

Residents of Tomsk – Lighting Systems LLC, Fiztekh-Energo JSC, Tomsk State University of Architecture and Building (TSUAB) and Solar LLC from Krasnodar participate in the project. The pilot option is started in Krasnodar in December, 2016. Now the Tomsk scientists develop projects for other industrial facilities and shopping centers of the Tander company in the territory of Russia.

"The lighting system developed by the Tomsk and Krasnodar scientists takes root in the Russian shopping centers of IKEA network … The Tomsk lighting systems are included in the project of standard modular schools in Azerbaijan, and the government of Udmurtia made the decision to equip with them kindergartens of Izhevsk", – it is said in the statement.


With reference to professor of architectural faculty of TSUAB, the director of Lighting Systems LLC Alexander Ovcharov it is explained that the system possesses "record characteristics by power efficiency" and quality of the light environment. It regulates the level of artificial light during the day automatically, "thanks to it change of natural and artificial light happens imperceptibly for a human eye".

 Also it is reported that the system allows to light buildings of any planning with big internal areas and ceilings up to 20 meters high. It reduces load of heating of rooms during winter, excludes heatinflow during summer therefore rooms don't need powerful conditioning. The installation is suitable for use in museums and art galleries where UF-radiation is undesirable.

The economy of the electric power will make more than 60% of rather traditional lighting installation with metal-halide lamps. Widespread introduction of the system on the Russian objects and entry into the foreign market are in plans of residents of Tomsk.

Source: RIA Tomsk
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