Project management of Asino Timber Park changed due to new investor


The project management system of Asino Timber Park will be changed due to appearance of the new investor from the People's Republic of China – the Hubei state-owned investment company, the Deputy General Director of CJSC RosKitInvest (structure of the Chinese company AVIC Forestry, which realizes the project) Boris Kaznacheev reported.

Earlier it was reported that the timber industry cluster with an involvement of the Chinese partners is created in the region. It will consist of two timber-processing complexes – one of them is already created in the Asino region, the memorandum of construction of the second – Beloyarsk – is signed at the beginning of May 2015. The Chinese AVIC Foresty ("subsidiary" of AVIC Corporation) launched the plant of sawmilling in the Asino region in June 2016.

"We have a new investor with attraction of the authorized capital. It is the Hubei state-owned investment company. Now there are structural staff changes. The new team is created – (in particular) there is a new General Director, I leave the position. Everything will be created in some time, and work will begin", – Kaznacheev told.

He explained that one of activities of RosKitInvest is involvement of new investors. AVIC Forestry didn't leave the project management, contrary to messages of a number of media. The new investor doubled the authorized capital of the company, which means are used for construction of facilities – now it constitutes about 12 billion rubles (the amount may be fluctuated because of currency rates).

According to his data, other investments are possible in process of the project implementation, but the size of investments reached the planned 30 billion rubles by the time of receipt of the new company to the project. It isn't solved yet what productions will appear in Timber Park further, but plans for the current objects are not changed: creation of combined heat and power plant and plant of Medium Density Fibreboard shall come to the end to the middle of 2017.

"Only the main areas of work are formulated so far. Increase in wood processing and logging, development of new activities, work optimization, decrease in expenses", – Kaznacheev added.

Source: RIA Tomsk
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