Chinese Manufacturer of Medical Items Can Appear in Special Economic Zone Tomsk


Double Medical Technology Inc. from The People's Republic of China considers Special Economic Zone Tomsk as the platform for local production of medical items.

The day before representatives of Chinese company Double Medical Technology Inc. paid a visit to Tomsk Special Economic Zone. The company manufactures medical items for human body plantation (implants for traumatology, orthopedics and arthroscopy) and it considers the possibility of local production of medical items in Russia. 

In Special Economic Zone Tomsk the delegation was presented with ready infrastructural objects for production facilities as well as opportunities for construction of buildings on arranged lands. The Chinese businessmen thoroughly studied the procedure for becoming Special Economic Zone resident and received the information about available tax concessions as well as free customs zone procedure details. At the meeting with active residents, potential investors from People's Republic of China were interested in work experience of the companies in Special Economic Zone and opportunities for sourcing of qualified employees to participate in development of new products. The delegation representatives pointed out that their product is already represented in Russian and Tomsk institutions, that is why it makes sense to locate the production closer to customers.

Source: Administration of Tomsk Region
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