Gazpromneft Introduces New Technology for Difficult Reserves Development in Tomsk Region


Specialists of Scientific Technical Center of Gazpromneft and Gazpromneft-Vostok specialists carried out the first repeated hydraulic fracture using special chemicals and new generation polymers in Archinsky deposit in Parabelsky district. Further replication of the technology can increase the oil output at carbonate deposits up to 50%, such deposits account for 40% of extractable reserves of the company.

Hydraulic fractures at carbonate deposits come from chemical materials creating cracks in the layer: oil goes through them to a wellsite. The bigger the crack is, the bigger deposit volume it can cover.

SRCs of Gazpromneft and Gazpromneft-Vostok carried out the repeated hydraulic fraction using thickened acid and advanced polymers. Special recipes slow down the rate of reaction between chemicals and formation that allows the reagent to cover additional oil-bearing areas and create longer cracks.

Gazpromneft specialists developed various technical solutions matching Archinsky deposit conditions. The first month of operation after experimental wellsite treatment was marked by double increase of oil output.

"Gazpromneft-Vostok made one more important step to effective development of difficult reserves, stabilizing oil production in Tomsk Region and region development", gave his comment on new technology application results Deputy Governor for Industrial Policy of Tomsk Region Igor Shaturny.

Source: Admistration of Tomsk Region
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