Quality Growth of "Nature Economics" to Ensure Industry and Science Collaboration Development


The participants of expert technology session of Tomsk innovative industrial cluster of renewable resources involving vice-governors Andrey Knorr and Lyudmila Ogorodova concluded that quality growth of "Nature economics" will ensure the collaboration development of the industry and science.

Heads of various plants and companies belonging to the cluster as well as scientists, experts of scientific entities and higher institutions of Tomsk, Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Kostroma and Kazakhstan took part in the session.

"Three years ago we took a decision to create in Tomsk Region the first innovative industrial cluster of renewable resources in Russia. This is a complex response to Governor's proposal of "Nature economics" as a priority listed in all strategic planning and regional development documents", said Andrey Knorr.

Today in Tomsk Region we have a full production cycle starting with procurement and primary treatment of renewable resources and ending with industrial production. According to the results in 2017, about 25 thousand tons of industrial products have been manufactured with agrestic food raw materials. In the last five years budget supported 850 million rubles were invested in production infrastructure, 67 entrepreneur projects were implemented.

Among other major investment projects – construction of biotechnologies capsule gelatine producing plant in Artlife company, launch of wines made of siberian forest berries in OOO Kakheti, start of a new candy manufacture project based on agrestic food raw materials in Ecofood company.

At present, more than one third of products manufactured by facilities of innovative industrial cluster of renewable resources belong to high tech production. The rank of "strong innovators" (Artlife, Solagift, SAVA companies) is proved by annual scientific researchers and new technology and product developments. The patent portfolio of the leading companies includes about 60 patent protected technologies. Annual investments to scientific researches amount to 25-30 million rubles and it allows to present 5-7 scientific developments with the involvement of scientists and experts. A number of plants facilitate its own scientific production labs that provide scientific resources.

Source: Administration of Tomsk Region
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