Governor Introduced European Ambassadors to Tomsk Innovative Business


On October 8, Tomsk Oblast governor Sergei Zhvachkin invited diplomats from 18 EU countries and the European Union’s Ambassador in Russia, Marcus Ederer, to the Tomsk Special Technology and Innovation Economic Zone (SEZ).

The head of the region organized a meeting of the heads of European diplomatic missions with the leaders of the Tomsk innovative business in the Tomsk research and development Center Of SEZ. Tomsk companies Mikran, Elecard Devices, Elcom +, Telebriz, Universalnie Terminalnie Systemy, Ambit, Akvelit, Solagift, Art Life, Sava, and others presented cooperation projects to the European ambassadors.

Deputy Governor for Investment Policy and Property Relations Yuri Gurdin told EU diplomats about tax and customs exemptions for the SEZ residents.

“I think the European business’ representatives were convinced of the prospects of the Tomsk innovation sphere. It is not only about state preferences and privileges. The Tomsk Oblast, thanks to its universities and academic institutions, has enormous innovative potential, said the governor of the Tomsk Oblast, Sergey Zhvachkin. - Biotechnologies, instrument-making, IT-business. Those branches are already developed in the Tomsk SEZ business from Germany, Great Britain, and the Netherlands. But, of course, there may be a lot more”.

Source: Administration of Tomsk Region
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