Tomsk Governor Discussed the Draft Research And Educational Center With the Academic Organizations` Leaders


Tomsk Region Governor Sergey Zhvachkin held a meeting with rectors of Tomsk universities and heads of academic institutions, at which he discussed the project of creating a world-class research and educational center in Tomsk region.

As part of the national project "Science", by 2024, at least 15 excellent research and educational centers should be established in Russia, which will ensure the country’s place in the top five largest economies in the world.
The governor noted that the Research and Educational Center in the region should be based on the effective interaction of science with the real sector of the economy: from setting the task in the corporate R & D center, scientific research jointly with universities and research institutes to testing a prototype and launching finished products into mass production.

"The main task of the world-class research and education center that we in the Tomsk region will definitely create is the export of education and technology," noted Sergey Zhvachkin.

Source: Administration of the Tomsk Region
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