October 30-31, a delegation of Khovd Aimag (province) of Mongolia led by Gendenzhav Nyamdavaa, Governor of Khovd Aimag, visited Tomsk Region.


Gendenzhav Nyamdavaa visited the Open Youth University to discuss participation of Mongolian schools and the Khovd State University in the educational programs implemented by the Open Youth University. At the Tomsk State University the Mongolian delegation was demonstrated the capabilities of the TSU's teleport and supercomputer which could be used by the Khovd University for educational purposes. Also, participation in the project of the Diagnostic and Treatment Center of Western Mongolia to provide high technology consultancy support together with the representatives of the Siberian State Medical University is being considered.
At the meeting with the government of Tomsk Region trade and economic cooperation between the regions was discussed, including supply of Mongolian meat and wool to Tomsk Region.

Source: Department of International and Regional Relations of the Tomsk Region Administration
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