October 3-5, a delegation of Tomsk Region visited Nancy and Metz in France and Freiburg in Germany to study modern architectural solutions in urban development.


The delegation included 8 people, among them the Mayor of Tomsk, Chief Architect of Tomsk Region, Advisor to the Governor of Tomsk Region, and architects of the design companies of Tomsk. The delegation attended presentations of large-scale urban development projects of two urban agglomerations of Lorraine (Big Nancy and Metz Metropolis) which also included a historical insight in the urban development and architecture of the two cities. The Tomsk Region delegation also had a tour of the reconstructed quarters, park areas, and historical monuments on UNESCO's World Heritage List. Negotiations were held with the management of the Big Nancy Agglomeration and Metz Metropolis, the Mayor of Metz, representatives of the Regional Council of Lorraine, urban development agencies, and architectural firms. The items for discussion also included holding cultural events between the regions and possible participation of Lorraine's universities and research centers in the inter-regional cooperation. Partnership options for Tomsk and Nancy were also considered. It was agreed that the existing academic and cultural ties could become the basis for such cooperation. Cooperation is also believed possible in medicine, municipal property management, public servants training, and in the field of school education and regional chambers of commerce and industry.

Source: Department of International and Regional Relations of the Tomsk Region Administration
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