IT development center is open in Tomsk


As part of offsite meeting of the federal group for the actualization of the INO Tomsk 2020, IT development center is open in Tomsk region.

The center was opened by Oleg Fomichev, deputy minister for the economic development, Igor Chukalin, deputy head of IT development department of Ministry of Communications and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation, Andrey Antonov, deputy governor for the economy of the Tomsk region and Natalya Maslova,  governor advisor.

Natalya Maslova: “The main center objective, as the element of region innovative infrastructure, is to create conditions for active and accelerated growth of young IT companies. The center will be encouraging the companies to create their own investment and cluster projects and coordinating their execution.”

Ten companies became the residents of the IT development center, with more than 60 high-tech jobs created.

The project is executed according to private-public partnership scheme. The project was initiated by Contek Soft, region’s IT cluster, supported by regional department for the industry and entrepreneurial development.

Source: Press Office of the Tomsk Region Administration
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