Business Triumph Award 2014 in Tomsk Region


Business Triumph Award Tomsk – 2014 for young entrepreneurship was established by Small and Medium Enterprise Development Fund of the Tomsk Region with the support of regional department of industry and entrepreneurial development.

The preceding contest determines best young entrepreneur in three nominations based on 2014 results. The first nomination includes entrepreneurs with up to one year experience, the second is for those with up to five years experience, and the third one is for those with more than five years of experience.

The contestants will be evaluated based on the number of created and existing jobs, their achievements, financial performance, business development plans and the venue of business activity.

The participation is for young entrepreneurs of 30 years old and less. Applications are submitted on-line before September 12, 2014 via “бизнестриумф.рф”. The award ceremony will take place October 31, 2014 in Alexander Pushkin Library.

For details please call: (3822) 902–983, 902–984 (Small and Medium Enterprise Development Fund of the Tomsk region), and via

Source: Press Office of the Tomsk Region Administration
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