"INO Tomsk'2020" Project will be approved by RF Government Decree


On October 30, Sergey Zhvachkin, Tomsk region Governor, took part in the final meeting of the Working Group on creating the "INO Tomsk'2020" Federal Center in the region. The Meeting was held in Moscow under chairmanship of Arkadiy Dvorkovich, Vice-Premier.

Sergey Zhvachkin, Governor, delivered at the meeting that objective of the updated "INO Tomsk'2020" Project is creation of a competitive innovation center in the Tomsk agglomeration. For that purpose under the new concept the regional authorities re-oriented the innovation policy of the region from offer to demand and intend to raise competitiveness not only of scientific and educational complex, but of industry as well. The project relies on State Corporations and vertically integrated holdings of Tomsk region, as well as on small- and mid-scale business.

"Working over the new concept we noticed that Gasprom, Rosatom, SIBUR, Gasprom Neft, Mikrogen and other companies showed interest to it", stressed S.Zhvachkin. - Our inter-branch dialog specified the priorities of authorities, encouraged private business, identified milestones for businessmen and investors.

According to S. Zhvachkin, the updated concept of "INO Tomsk'2020" Project includes several directions:  "Advanced Production", "Science and Education", "Technological Innovations, New Business", "A Comfortable and Clever City", and "Business Environment". Innovation clusters will form the base for the concept realization.

According to Tomsk Governor, cost of activities under the updated "INO Tomsk'2020" Project till the year 2020 will exceed 200 billion RUB. 65% of this sum will be business investments, 35% - funds from federal and regional budgets.

"Under the leadership of Tomsk region Heads much work has been undertaken in Ministries and Departments", stressed A. Dvorkovich at the meeting. - And this work is extremely important not only for the region, but for the whole country as well as we are talking about economy modernization and about raising our competitiveness".

Following the meeting, Vice-Premier ordered the Ministry of Economic Development to submit the revised "INO Tomsk'2020" Project and a schedule of activities ("a road map") thereto to the Government for approval.

Heads of Federal Departments and Ministries, V. Markelov, Deputy Chairman of OJSC Gasprom , A.Antonov, Yu. Gurdin, L. Reznikov, M. Sonkin, and V. Zhidkih, E. Galazhinsky (Rector of National Tomsk Research University) , S. Psakhie (Director of the Institute of Strength Physics and Materials Sciences of TNC SD RAS), and others took part in the meeting.

Source: Press-Service of the Tomsk Region Administration
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