An International Conference on Tourism Development and Regional Studies will take place in Tomsk region


On October, 29 at 10:00 hrs in the conference hall of Tomsk State University (Lenin Av., 36, 2nd Floor) XIV International Conference "Potentials of tourism and regional studies development in Siberia and adjacent areas" will be started.

Invited were the representative of small- and mid-scale business of tourist industry, of industry-related and professional unions in tourism and hospitality, specialized educational institutions and non-profit companies. Scientists and specialists on tourism from Kazakhstan, France, Germany, Sweden, and Mongolia will participate by presence and by correspondence. The main topics for discussion are "Regional aspects of sustainable tourism development: problems and tendencies"; "Problems and prospects of using tourism and recreational potential of the Siberian Region"; "Geographic factors and conditions for tourism development", "Regional studies and tourism from students' standpoint".

Additional information: 8–913–877-4010 (Elena Sergeevna Bondarenko, Regional Department for Culture and Tourism)

Source: Press-Service of the Tomsk Region Administration
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