"Tomsk Classics" in 9 volumes has been issued


A unique collection of books that includes works of nine writers who made Tomsk region famous has been published at a run of 1000.  

"Tomsk classics" Project was initiated by Tomsk branch of the Union of Journalists and realized under support of Tomsk administration and under financial support of Mezheninskaya poultry.

A collection of books united works by Ivan Kushchevsky, the author of the first Tomsk novel, by Nikolay Naumov, a great Siberian writer-populist, stories by Georgy Grebenshchikov and Vyacheslav Shyshkov, a novel by Georgy Markov "Strogovy". stories of Mariya Halfina "Step Mother" and "Fatherless sons", novellas by Vil Lipatov, the first and the best novel on the life in Siberia "Wild Trailings" by Vladimir Kolyhalov. The 9th volume of collection includes stories by Viktor Kolupaev, a "Russian Bradbury", one out of 100 best fiction writers of the world.

"Publication of collected works "Tomsk Classics" is one of the most notional projects of the Year of Culture in Tomsk region", said Pavel Volk, Head of Regional Department for Culture and Tourism.

Gennadi Skarlygin, Chairman of Regional Organization of Writers noticed that "Tomsk Classics" includes works of the writers that were. "Real literature is tested by time. For the Tomsk classics to become true, Tomsk gubernia (province) needed 210 years, whereas Tomsk - 410 years", said he. 

A nine-volume collected works will be handed over to all the libraries of the region. An official presentation of the "Tomsk Classics" collection will take place on Thursday, October 23, at 4:00 pm in the regional library named after A.S. Pushkin (K. Marks Str., 14).

Source: Press-Service of the Tomsk Region Administration
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