Investments by Tomsk Region oil producers likely to exceed the plan by 9% in 2011


According to a forecast provided by Tomsk Region government, investments in fixed assets by Tomsk Region oil and gas producers by the end of 2011 will total 32-33bn rubles or 5.6%-8.9% more than budgeted for 2011.

Over the first six months of 2011, regional oil and gas producers invested 16.09bn rubles or 53% of the budgeted amount. According to March forecasts, in 2011, investments in oil and gas industry will grow by 29.8% and total 30.28bn rubles.

For example, in January-July 2011, the biggest oil producer in Tomsk Region OAO Tomskneft VNK invested 5.02bn rubles (49% of the annual plan); OAO Vostokgazprom (Gazprom subsidiary) invested 3.54bn rubles (68% of the annual plan); OOO Gazpromneft Vostok — 2.64bn rubles (59%); Imperial Energy (ONGC Videsh Limited subsidiary) — 1.18bn rubles (48%); Rusneft — 1.44bn rubles (59%).

Around 93% of the capital was invested in field facilities and development of drilling operations. In the first half-year, more than 50% of the planned scope was drilled.

Source: RIA Novosti
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