Tomsk SEZ to collaborate with South Korean technopark


A memorandum of understanding was signed in Tomsk Region between Ulsan Technopark, South Korea, and Tomsk Special Economic Zone of Technical Innovation Type.

The shared intent behind the memorandum is strengthening Russian-Korean relations through exchange of information and mutually advantageous development assistance to business run by residents from the two countries.

Tomsk SEZ and Ulsan Technopark intend to help establish contacts between SEZ and Technopark resident companies, sponsor business development events by priority areas of activity of the two countries, and assist in organizing joint workshops and technical consultations. Execution of the memorandum also involves creation of Russian-Korean joint ventures in Tomsk and Korea. The parties agreed to advise each other on the peculiarities of national law, tax and customs regulations, patent rules, and other related regulations.

General Director of Tomsk SEZ Aleksey Baryshev explained to the representatives of the Korean Technopark the opportunities provided by the SEZ, described the innovation potential of Tomsk companies, and stressed that Tomsk and Korean companies can and shall find common points of interest. He shared a belief that the memorandum would serve as a starting point for successful collaboration among innovative companies.

Ulsan Technopark President Dong-sik Shin pointed out that core areas of activity of Korean companies match those of SEZ residents. «We shall search through our companies to select those which share the interests of Tomsk innovators. In April-May 2012, Tomsk SEZ residents are invited to Korea where each company will present itself to 200–300 potential partners," Mr. Shin said.

Aleksey Baryshev, in his turn, invited his Korean counterparts to take part in the XV Tomsk Innovation Forum 2012 to share and learn global experience in creation of technoparks and special economic zones.


Ulsan Technopark was set up in 2003 and is now co-owned by the national and municipal governments (60%) and private investors (40%). Its key focus area is R&D in mechanical engineering. Ulsan Technopark’s Automotive Innovation Parts Center (APIC) provides test services and technical support to its customers. The Technopark works for large car makers such as SsangYong Motor Company, Hyundai Motor Company.

Today, it lays more emphasis on hybrid electric vehicles, and its key objective is to establish itself as a Korean center of excellence in this area. In addition, the Technopark researches into chemical and hi-tech programs for the shipbuilding sector.

Ulsan is one of the largest industrial centers of South Korea. It is twinned with Tomsk since 2003.

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