90 million rubles to be invested in Tomsk wooden architecture restoration


Nine monuments of wooden architecture will be restored in Tomsk in 2011–2012. The project will by financed by private investors. Cost of each monument is estimated at 10 million rubles.

Tomsk (founded in 1604) has preserved many wooden houses of the XVIII–XIX centuries. In 1990, by decision of the federal government the city was conferred a historic city status. Local monuments of wooden architecture will be restored under the program «Preserving Tomsk Wooden Architecture." Over the last five years 60 monuments in Tomsk were restored under the program. In 2005–2010, the restoration costs totaled 478m rubles.
Tomsk Region Governor Viktor Kress said that in 2011 the program should be financed by private investors, and assigned a task to the city authorities to raise 100-120m rubles as investments.


Tomsk has some 1,800 thousand of wood structures. Experts in cultural heritage used historical, architectural, and urban development criteria to select 701 monuments qualifying for the preservation program.

Source: RIA Novosti
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