Tomsk Region – the best Russian region for modernizations


Analytical Agency Smyslographia studied federal mass media coverage of Russian regions to compile a communication rating for 2010. In the Modernization Agenda rating the absolute leader was Tomsk Region with the score 93.33. The second and the third positions were taken by Ulyanovsk (57.96) and Lipetsk (56.1) Regions.

The analysts compiled the rating based on the federal media publications on regional modernization programs, development of the road, transport, energy, telecommunications, and other infrastructures; region’s initiatives to support small and medium business, attract investments, and improve the investment climate; innovative projects and developments.


Smyslographia compiles communication ratings to evaluate media image of Russian regions. The ratings help evaluate data about a region in the federal center against a certain social issue. Communication ratings are an effective tool to investigate whether information of the federal media complies with the real state of affairs in the region.

Communication ratings are based on evaluation of the quantity and contents of publications from 100 top federal mass media agencies to get a real picture of the attitude of the federal center to the region. Every region receives a score in accordance with this data to show coverage level of a certain issue of the region’s media image. Then all regions are split into 4 groups: from A (leaders of the rating) to D (outsiders).

Source: Tomsk Region Administration Information Server
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