30 billion rubles to be spent on INO Tomsk 2020 Center


Tomsk Region Administration informed that 30bn rubles will be invested in construction of the center for education, research and development INO Tomsk 2020 in 2011–2013.

The plan is to obtain funding from the budgets at all levels, and from private sources. The project is currently being considered at the federal level by the Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry for Economic Development, Ministry of Regional Development, Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of Finance, and Ministry of Health. The Ministry of Health, for example, is considering the project of construction of a cardiac center for over 2bn rubles.

Tomsk is already running an extensive research and educational complex, a renewable supply of various professionals, and has created innovation (business incubators, SEZ) and social infrastructures as part of INO Tomsk 2020 project. A number of large scale transport infrastructure facilities are under construction such as Baltiyskaya-Elizarovykh junction which will facilitate access to the SEZ.

Source: Tomsk Region Administration Information Server
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