First 4G base stations in Russia produced by Micran in Tomsk


ZAO Tomsk Research and Manufacturing Company Micran (resident of the Tomsk SEZ) produced the first commercial batch of 4G LTE base stations in Tomsk, this being first ever production of such devices in Russia, the company reported on Friday.

In March 2011, Nokia Siemens Networks, Micran, Rusnano, and Tomsk Region Administration signed a letter of intent on production of 4G LTE base stations in the Tomsk Special Economic Zone.

«Micran produced the first batch of 4G base stations on LTE (Long Term Evolution) platform in the Tomsk SEZ. Micran is the first in Russia to have assembled such equipment," the company says.

Micran intends to reach a capacity of 10,000 base stations per year as early as in 2012.

The reports say that these multi-standard base stations «offer unique opportunities for site building and enable evolutionary transition to LTE technology for operators of dual-band mobile networks and operators of single-band wireless broadband networks.»

«Multiradio BTS has low energy consumption, meets capacity requirements when mobile data traffic increases exponentially, and has high spectral efficiency. Finally, services provided by mobile broadband networks can challenge DSL," Micran representatives noted.
Previously, general director of the company Viktor Gunter said that joint manufacturing operations would be set up on the Southern Site of the Tomsk SEZ in two stages. At the first stage, the premises of the SEZ Engineering Center would be used as an assembly plant with a capacity of 10,000 base stations per year. At the second stage, a manufacturing building would be built.

Kristina Tikhonova, Nokia Siemens Networks Manager in Russia, informed that the new facility would export its products and that it would start with a capacity about 10,000 base stations per year, and would further expand to 100,000 stations per year. Kristina Tikhonova did not disclose the cost of the project, having only said that in Western Europe a project like this would cost 50,000,000 US dollars.
Rusnano CEO Anatoly Chubais said that the «Big Three» Russian mobile operators have agreed to develop 4G networks in Russia and Rusnano is ready to contribute equity and borrowings.

Nokia Siemens Networks is a global leader in telecommunications equipment, software, and professional services. The company has operations in 150 countries.

Tomsk Research and Manufacturing Company Micran was founded in 1991. The company produces telecommunications hardware, microwave instruments and accessories, radar equipment, security systems, GaAs monolithic microwave integrated elements.
LTE technology of 3GPP Release 8 standard will be used for high-speed data transfer up to 173 Mbps (upload). LTE is a step forward from CDMA and UMTS offering higher data transfer efficiency, lower cost and wider range of services, and integration with the existing protocols.

Source: RIA Novosti
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