Tomsk SEZ is about to complete on-site utilities on its Southern Site


Completion is scheduled for the end of 2011. This timeframe was announced during a visiting session of the Council for Creation of Tomsk Special Economic Zone of Technical Innovation Type held by Tomsk Region Governor Viktor Kress.

When complete, these utilities will provide the resident companies who intend to build own office buildings and manufacturing premises on the Southern Site, with access to energy generation facilities, power grids, telecommunications, water supply, sewerage, and on-site roads and passways.
The Governor inspected currently running construction sites and areas where construction will be started in 2012. The building of the Center for Research and Innovations of the Tomsk SEZ is one of such premises. It will be the third building for the residents where construction is financed from the federal budget. According to General Director of Tomsk SEZ Alexey Baryshev, the new building will have the same architectural concept as the other buildings and structures of the Tomsk SEZ. Total floor area of this 5-floor building with the underground parking will be 15,600 sqm. The new building will accommodate offices of companies running projects in biotechnology and medicine, both current SEZ residents and newcomers. The Center will provide over 400 new jobs. Construction is scheduled for completion in late 2012. Currently, erection contractors are installing cast-in-place reinforced concrete structures of floor 4, and exterior utilities.

Solagift company specializing in medicine and biotechnologies started construction on a 2.5 ha site provided to it. By 2014 this resident will build here a building with office rooms and GMP-certified manufacturing premises.
In 2012, a SEZ resident International Center for Preclinical Studies and Drug Development is going to construct a block of clean premises for a GLP vivarium and a laboratory center. Elecard Devices, R&D Enterprise NPP STELS, Submicron Technologies, Elcom+ and Base LED Technology Center — Tomsk will start their construction at the same time.

According to Viktor Kress, installation of on-site utility networks will expedite decision-taking processes at resident companies as to starting construction and attract new investors in business development in the Tomsk SEZ.

Source: Tomsk Region Administration Information Server
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