Nokia Siemens Networks and Micran signed agreement


On September 19, Nokia Siemens Networks and ZAO Tomsk Research and Manufacturing Company Micran (Tomsk SEZ resident) signed an agreement on allocation of shares in a joint venture OOO Wireless Technology Center which will manufacture 4G LTE base stations. «The agreement will help attract best professionals in the industry and satisfy demand for 4G equipment," Micran’s press service told to Interfax. A press service representative emphasized that in accordance with the agreement Nokia Siemens shall deliver to Micran the data necessary for batch production of base stations. Micran will use Nokia Siemens’ technology, know-how, and equipment for the manufacture of 4G LTE base stations, including system modules, radio modules, and LTE network nodes. The parties also agreed that batch production would start in the fourth quarter of 2012.

Source: Interfax Siberia news agency
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