Oil production in Tomsk Region in 2012 will grow 3.4% and gas production 5.5%


Tomsk Region expects oil production in the region to grow by 3.4% up to 11.861 million tons in 2012 vs the same period in 2011, and gas production to grow by 5.5% up to 4.622 billion cu. m.

According to the regional government's forecasts, oil production in 2012 would grow by 4.8% up to 12.02 million tons and gas production by 4.9% up to 4.6 billion cu. m.

In January-September 2012 oil and gas production in Tomsk Region grew by 4.2% to 8.827 million tons and 3.117 billion cu. m respectively vs the same period in 2011.

According to updated forecasts, at the end of 2012 oil production will total 11.861 million tons and gas production 4.621 billion cu. m.

In 2011, gas production in the region totaled 4.38 billion cu. m or 117% the output of 2010. Oil production totaled 11.47 million tons (108.9%).

Source: NovoTomsk
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