Tomsk Region budget revenues in 2012 total 42.2bn rubles


The deputies of the Legislative Duma of Tomsk Region considered last amendments to the Region budget 2012 which make the region's revenues in 2012 total 42.2bn rubles and expenses 43.8bn rubles.

Total revenues were increased by 520.9m rubles due to federal budget allocations; total expenditures by 623.6m rubles; and the deficit by 102.7m rubles.

Expenditures in a number of areas will be increased due to target allocations from the federal budget. Agricultural enterprises affected by the 2012 draught will be provided 197m rubles. Medical institutions will receive 183m rubles for equipment: 23 units of medical equipment will be purchased for 9 institutions as well as 19 all-terrain mobile complexes. 77.8m rubles will be allocated to provide payments to people taking part in fighting forest fires in Tomsk Region in the summer of 2012 and purchase forest fire fighting machinery and equipment. The federal target program "Social Development of Rural Communities 2013" will receive 25.9m rubles for co-financing of water and gas supply facilities. Government support of 29m rubles will be provided to agricultural producers.

By increasing the Region budget deficit, expenditures were increased by 102.7m rubles. The major portion of that money (100m rubles) will be provided as a subsidy to the municipal budget of Tomsk for the construction of the left bank road.

Source: NIA Tomsk
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