Gazprom and Tomsk Region agreed to accelerate implementation of the gas supply project


"Gazprom has confirmed investments of 4 billion rubles in the Tomsk Region gas supply project. Development of the gas supply program for the region will be completed before the end of 2012," Gazprom's CEO Aleksey Miller told the journalists Tuesday during his one-day visit to Tomsk.

He said that over the past 7 years the Gazprom holding had invested about 1.3 billion rubles in gas supply for Tomsk Region.

"And we expect to seriously increase the amount of Gazprom's investments in this area over the next three years. We are planning to invest 4 billion rubles."

It was reported earlier that the Governor of Tomsk Region Sergey Zhvachkin approved a gas supply program for the region for 2013-2015. The program implies investments of 10.56 billion rubles from various sources in construction of gas supply facilities in the region, including 3.27 billion from the consolidated budget for the construction of gas distribution lines in rural areas, and 7.29 billion of Gazprom's investments in the construction of gas distribution facilities (main gas line branches, gas distribution stations, high pressure pipelines, gas liquefaction, storage, transportation and regasification facilities).

Aleksey Miller noted that Tomsk Region is a vast area with settlements situated many kilometers apart. "Providing natural gas supply to all of the settlements is unreasonable. Localities should be determined which will use liquefied natural gas. We have done that and we are moving forward," he emphasized.

The gas supply program is expected to provide 80% of all the households in the region with gas. Currently, gas availability levels in Tomsk Region are among the lowest in Siberia – around 7-8%.

Source: RIA Novosti
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