Train of Innovations in Tomsk


On November 20, mobile exhibition complex Train of Innovations opened in Tomsk. It arrived to the first platform of the Tomsk Railway Station. The idea behind the project is to introduce the public to the latest domestic innovations and the nearest future of large Russian state-owned companies such as Russian Railways, Rosatom and Rusnano.

Rosatom's exhibition offers a 3D demonstration of a modern Russian nuclear power station. In the same car radiation levels in various corners of the world are broadcast online: on the coastal belt of Kerala, India, and on Brazilian beaches.

The train can receive around 800 visitors a day. Its target audience is preschoolers and school students. Visitors are told about already implemented and possible future innovations in the railway system such as train and railway stations powered by solar batteries.

Deputy head of the West Siberian Center for Scientific and Technical Information and Libraries Aleksander Korneyev says about the Train of Innovations that "its main task is to attract young generations and show them the possibilities. There is not much information on the life of workers of the railway system. Children are excited and railway workers also find it interesting and informative".

The train crew consists of 11 people: guides, electronics engineers, a mechanic and a train master.

Source: Sibterra Info
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