A decision to develop reserved areas was taken during the meeting of the Supervisory Board of special economical zone “Tomsk”


On Wednesday 30 October 2013 the regular meeting of the Supervisory Board of Tomsk special economical zone of technical innovation type took place chaired by Aleksey Knyazev, Deputy Governor for scientific-educational complex and innovation policy.

Currently all land plots within the main territory of the North site of total area 14.6 ha are allotted among the existing residents and are mainly built up. According to the results of the meeting of the Board a decision has been taken to set in motion a procedure to join the reserved areas of total area 62 ha. 

Bulk zoning of the territory to be carried out as follows: about 10% will be allocated for research and development (R&D), the main part of the area will be provided for processing plants (chemicals and machine building clusters). Power supply facilities for new territories have already been built, the roads will be paved, communication lines will be installed, outdoor spaces and green zones will be arranged, structures of the cultural-domestic purpose will be constructed in the reserved areas.

The concept of the reserved territory development which includes the most perspective directions for this territory was proposed by the specialists of the company Jurong Consultants, who elaborated a plan for development of the reserved area within the special economical zone. Consultants from Singapore have compiled a list of potential residents for each segment.

Integration of reserved areas is carried out through conclusion of agreements between the Ministry of Economic Development, the Tomsk Region Administration and Tomsk Administration. Design of engineering infrastructure facilities and the residents’ facilities will become possible after its conclusion.

Konstantin Kaminsky, the head of the managing company of the special economical zone: “currently the issue regarding introduction of amendments to Federal Act-116 on special economical zones is under active consideration, which will result in removing division of the special economical zone into technology innovative, industrial and production, etc. This will allow expanding the range of possibilities for implementing multi-directional projects of the residents – from minor research and development (R&D) to large-scale production”.

Source: Press Service of JSC "SEZ" Tomsk "
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