Dealer center “SCANIA” to open in Tomsk


The Tomsk Investment Committee reviewed the plans and the planned scope of investments to set up dealer center “SCANIA”, which will sell and service the trucks in the Tomsk region, including snow removal vehicles, sweeper, log trucks and fuel trucks.

Dealer centers “SCANIA” are already working in Novosibirsk and Barnaul. The Tomsk companies, which would like to purchase the equipment of this manufacturer must go to the neighboring regions. Accordingly, the money of the Tomsk companies goes into the budget of other cities. A similar situation has occurred with maintenance and repair work of existing vehicle fleet.

According to the initiators that prompted the creation of the dealer center “SCANIA” it is planned to invest 150 million roubles during 2-3 years in it. Initially there will be created 30 jobs, with the average wage of 28,2 thousand roubles. The total tax and non-tax payments will be 4,2 million roubles, including 2 million roubles, which will annually go from the Company’s activity into the Tomsk budget.

The annual volume of shipped goods and services of the dealer center are supposed to be 356 million roubles.  In order to implement this project the company needs a land plot of total area 2 ha where it is possible to connect to electricity and natural gas. The investors considered that the most convenient for location of the center will be the sites along the detour motorway in the immediate proximity to the highway.

The members of the Investment Committee approved the project. Tomsk Department for Architecture was instructed as soon as possible to choose among the variants of land plots and hold a tender. In the meantime, the representatives of the Municipal Service Department visited the Novosibirsk center of the company in order to get to know the equipment “SCANIA” and evaluate its applicability for needs of urban households and city utility companies in Tomsk.

Source: NIA-Tomsk
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