The newest reactor at Siberian Chemical Plant (SCP) will cost 64 billion rubles


The creation of pilot and demonstration energy complex as part of reactor unit BREST-300, that will be working on the brand new fuel, is included in specialized federal target program, the cost of the project is estimated as 64 billion rubles.

Rosatom plans to execute “Breakthrough” project at SCP for the creation of brand new fuel, that will be used in nuclear energy industry after 2020. It is planned to build pilot and demonstration energy complex as part of reactor unit BREST-OD-300 with transformer nuclear fuel cycle and nitride fuel production center for fast neutron reactors.

The project is included in specialized federal target program “Nuclear energy technologies of the new generation for 2010 —2015 and through to 2020”. Federal target program states that the “Breakthrough” project will cost 101.978 billion then-year rubles; about 64 billion of that money will be spent on the construction of the complex on SCP.

The reactor creation is estimated as 17.7 billion rubles, fuel reprocessing module — 19.6 billion, fabrication and start-up complex of fuel refabricating module — 26.6 billion rubles.

“Next year we will absorb over 2 billion rubles. This will mainly cover the preparatory works, including preparation of documents, scientific development”, said Sergey Tochilin, SCP press-service.  

It was previously stated that in 2014 they will begin the construction of the infrastructure for “Breakthrough” project on the SCP, particularly, fuel fabrication module. The plant is planned to be commissioned in 2017, the reactor itself is commissioning 2020, the fuel reprocessing module – in 2022.

Source: RIA News
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