Stroytehinnovatsii THBC is starting to construct premises in the Tomsk special economical zone


"Stroytehinnovatsii THBC" LLC granted permission for construction and started work on building of its own premises in the Southern area of the Tomsk special economical zone.

According to the press service of the Tomsk special economical zone "Stroytehinnovatsii TDSK" LLC – is a subsidiary of JSC “Tomsk house-building company” created to increase the competitiveness of THBC Holding due to development and introduction of resource-saving technologies for construction and manufacture of building materials.

In 2010 "STI THBC" LLC was granted status of a resident of the special economic zone. The business model of a project implemented on the territory of SEZ involves construction of Corporate R&D Centre on the basis of a new enterprise within “Tomsk house-building company”.

In order to host the R&D-Centre, it is planned to construct the Centre of New Technologies with a total area of 5 thousand sq. km in the Southern area of the Tomsk special economical zone. According to preliminary estimates the total economic effect from the introduction of new developments and techniques at the THBC Holding companies will reach over 1 billion roubles only in 2013-2016.

Currently R&D-Center is based in the Centre for Innovation and Technology (Southern area of SEZ), where development is performed on following directions: technologies of construction and structures of reinforced concrete buildings on the basis of prefabricated reinforced concrete carcass using new building materials; energy efficiency in construction, technologies to manufacture new building materials based on mineral and chemical additives, nanomodifiers and to rework the cement composition.

8 patents for invention and utility models have been received in these areas. The results of the work have been introduced in production and have a significant impact in reducing material consumption and improving the quality of construction of residential and public buildings in our region.

Source: NIA-Tomsk
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