In 2015 Tomsk authorities plan to start construction of two more modern cattle breeding farms.


In 2015 Tomsk authorities plan to start construction of two modern cattle breeding farms for housing up to four thousand milk cows. It was reported by Andrey Knorr, Vice-Governor on Agro-Industrial Policy and Nature Control on 09.12.2014 at opening the high-tech cattle breeding farm in Krivosheinsky district of Tomsk region: "Next year we will construct two farms. A total of seven cattle-breeding farms are planned to be constructed using the mechanism of state and private partnership. Administration creates conditions favouring the investments into dairy breeding:  one rouble invested by the company is compensated by one rouble from regional or federal budget <...>. In Rybalovo village (Tomsk district) there will be a dairy farm for 1.8 thousand milk cows and that for 1.2 thousand milk cows in Novonikolaevka of Asinovsky district.

A complex in Rybalovo will be constructed by "Mezheninovskaya" agrarian company, and a farm in Novonikolaevka - by a local "Niva" farm. Rybalovo farm may house up to 4.8 thousand cows at a time (milk cows and calf), and in Novonikolaevka - up to 2.8 thousand cows.

Andrey Knorr noted that Rybalovsky complex will breed "Hereford" cows, whereas Novonikolaevka farm will breed "Ayrshirer" ones.

A. Knorr also noted that together with the farms the authorities plan to construct stadiums, cultural facilities, schools and other infrastructure facilities. Moreover, starting from the year 2015 a program of constructing the service housing for workers of agricultural industry will be realized in the region. "We are to create new working environment for people for them to have a desire to work in agriculture", added he.

Source: "Tomsk" Regional Information Agency (Tomsk RIA)
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