The Tomsk region is among the leaders of Research Development


The Tomsk region came in first in the rating of the Association of Innovative Regions of Russia (AIRR) concerning the level of research investigation development, giving way only to Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

In the section “Research and development” in the AIRR rating, the Tomsk region got 172% of the average index value in Russian regions (over 130%); Moscow received 189%, and Saint Petersburg – 179%.

In the general rating of the innovation regions, the Tomsk region took the sixth place and turning out among “powerful innovators” together with Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Tatarstan and also with Yaroslavl region and Nizhny Novgorod region.

In the AIRR research it was also noted that the Tomsk region plays a leading role among Russian regions concerning the share of regional and municipal budgets in total expenses on technological innovations.


For evaluation of the research and development in Russian regions AIRR used such values as quantity of students in the Universities, researchers, share of occupied people with higher training education among working-age population, quantity of patent application for inventions, articles, published in journals, indexable in Web of Science, inner expenses on research and elaboration in percentage terms to GRP, relative share of funds of organization which belongs to the business sector in the total volume of inner expenses on research and development. 

Source: Press Office of the Tomsk Region Administration
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