In the Tomsk Region the Construction of the Natural Gas Liquefaction Plant will start


Leonid Reznikov, the Vice Governor for industry and fuel and energy complex held a meeting with representatives of OJSC "Gazprom" on execution of the large investment project - liquefied gas infrastructure development in the districts Bakchar, Podgornoye, Teguldet and Voronovka in Shegarsk.

The project execution will allow gasifying of boiler stations, enterprises, organizations, and more than 4 thousand flats and private houses of these four villages.

"With representatives of "Gazprom" the question concerning the construction of the Natural Gas Liquefaction plant unique for Russia with capacity of 6 ton per hour, and arrangement of the points for receiving, storage and regasifying of liquefied natural gas in the very four residential places was discussed, - reported Leonid Reznikov.

According to the information provided by the regional Energy department, the project originator - OJSC «Gazprom Gasenergoset" – intends to finish construction of the plant and points for receiving, storage and regasifying in Bakchar, Podgornoye, Teguldet and Voronovka in 2017. As declared by Leonid Reznikov, the Tomsk Region Administration will provide readiness of the gas distribution network in these villages by the heating season of 2016-2017.


The meeting on execution of the program "Development of gasifying and gas supply in the Tomsk Region for 2013-2018" was attended by the following companies: LLC "Gazprom mezregiongas", OJSC "Gazprom Gasenergo Set", OJSC "Gazprom pomgas", LLC "Kriogastech", OJSC "GiproNIIgas", LLC "Gazprom transgas Tomsk", LLC " Gazprom mezregiongas Novosibirsk", LLC "Gazprom gazoraspredelenie Tomsk" and the heads of Administrations taking part in the project execution.

Source: Press Service of the Tomsk Region Administration
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