Federation increased financing of the timber industry in Tomsk region.


In 2015 Federal Budget for the first time allocated money for forest management works in Tomsk region (RUB 35.9 million), for sanitary activities (RUB 10 million), and for localization and liquidation of pestholes (RUB 18 million). 

"This decision was conditioned by objective factors. Tomsk region demonstrated to federal authorities that its efficiency of forest management is constantly growing", noted Andrey Knorr, Deputy Governor of Tomsk Region on Agrarian and Industrial Policy and Nature Control.

For several years in series Tomsk region has been surpassing the plans of earnings from forests use. Thus, during ten months of the current year earnings into the federal and local budgets made RUB 422.6 million  against RUB 351.2 million  planned. By the end of the year the region shall earn RUB 454.8 million. Last year actual payments for forest use made RUB 499.9 million against RUB 454.8 million planned.

On the whole RUB 326.2 million were allocated from the RF Budget into the forestry industry of the region in 2015. In 2015 regional budget plans to allocate RUB 197.9 million for realization of program "Forestry development on the territory of Tomsk region", which is 17.1 million more than in 2014. RUB 42.7 million of which will be allocated to forest fire safety, RUB 11.7 million will be allocated to withdrawal of timber cutting areas for people's needs, and RUB  18.7 million for maintaining OGKU "Tomskles" with its branches and forest districts.


Source: Press-Service of Tomsk Region Administration.
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