Deputy Head of Rosatom is satisfied with the rates of "Proryv" Project realization at SCP


In the opinion of Vladislav Pershukov, Deputy Director General on Innovations of "Rosatom", preparation to realization of construction phase of "Proryv" Project at the Siberian Chemical Plant (SCP) is going on at good rate.

In 2011 "Rosatom" on the base of SCP realizes the "Proryv" Project on development of a new fuel the nuclear power engineering will use after 2020. A pilot-demonstrative energy complex will be created in Seversk within the BREST-OD-300 reactor unit with closed-cycle nuclear fuel, as well as production of uranium-plutonium (nitride) fuel for fast reactors.

On November, 11 Pershukov visited the construction site of the future energy complex, evaluated the course of preparatory works for construction of a module of the new fuel fabrication and re-fabrication.

"Everything has radically changed: previously it was a swamped wet area,  and now it is an an absolutely flat platform. The amount of machinery is not as large as we would want to perform the plan for the preparatory period till the end of this year"

He noted that a coordinating meeting will be held at the end of November devoted to the issues of "Proryv" Project realization, namely, tests of units with new fuel.

Pershukov also noted that the Project is supervised personally by Sergey Kirienko, Head of"Rosatom".

For reference:

As it was informed earlier, module for fabrication and re-fabrication of the newest fuel under "Proryv" Project is planned to be commissioned in 2017, the reactor itself - in 2020, and a module of fuel processing must be commissioned in 2022. SCP has mastered the assembly of experimental heat-releasing units with a new fuel, including for BREST-OD-300 reactor.

Source: "Tomsk" Regional Information Agency (Tomsk RIA)
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