Dairy near Tomsk will start production of mozzarella and kachiotta in 2015


"Derevenskoye molochko" (Cottage milk) company plans to start production of six types of cheese, including brynza, mozzarella, suluguni, kachiotta and other soft cheeses in 2015.

It was declared by Artem Begreev, Director of OGBU "Agrarian Center of Tomsk region" and he added that the Company plans to produce 30-40 tons of cheeses per month. In the future they will start producing hard cheeses.

The project is currently under approval in Tomsk Region administration. According Artem Bagreev, cost of a technological line, subject to preliminary calculations, will amount to RUB 120 million, the major share being spent on equipment procurement. A certain share of costs will be subsidized from regional budget under the state support.

"We will not use conservatives and stabilizers in cheese production. Tomsk people will get only qualitative and fresh cheese. It is important as foreign mozzarella stuffed with conservatives could be stored for months. We will be able to offer a buyer fresh products manufactured observing the recipe and technology. Cheese will get to Tomsk people tables within 2-3 days after production.

The process line is planned to be installed on the areas of the operating plant of the Company in Seversk town or in one of the plants neighboring the "Derevenskoye molochko" dairy.

Currently under "Derevenskoye molochko" brand they produce: milk, kefir, sour cream. curds, butter, bio-yogurts, thick yogurts, an some others. Seversky dairy of "Derevenskoye molochko" company is one of the most modern dairies in Siberia. Products of the dairy today account for 35% of the market.

Source: NIA-Tomsk
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