New Tomsk pharmaceutical company "Siatek" will produce food supplements to be supplied to India


An innovation territorial cluster "Pharmaceutics and Medial Equipment" includes 264 companies, 43 of which are residents of "Tomsk" Special Economic Zone, and 13 companies are from the Academic Town (Academgorodok, Novosibirsk). Core companies of the cluster are large industrial pharmaceutical, medical and IT-companies working at the Russian and international markets, they include: LLC Artlife with a largest world network for distribution of pharmaceutical preparations and food supplements, CJSC Mikran, CJSC Elekard Devices, CJSC EleCi, OJSC Farmstandard-Tomskhimfarm, LLC Solagift, LLC MOYE-Ceramics Implante, OJSC NIIPP.

In 2014 Tomsk pharmaceutical companies IFAR, Solagift and ArtLife founded LLC Siatek, a new resident of the Cluster Development Center in the Tomsk Region that will produce new medical preparations on the base of their own developments. Pharmaceutical companies started business on the terms of equal shares. New preparations will be developed and advanced using resources of companies participating in the Project.

According to Oleg Torosh, a Vice-President of the Company, in 2015 a pharmaceutical company Siatek plans to enter the Indian market with a new food supplement.

 "In 2015 we will try to sell our product at the Delhi market (India). We will start with food supplements as it is easier to register this product. Meanwhile we will be developing the jenerics preparations. Russia is deemed to be our future market. Medicinal preparations produced by the Company will contain both natural molecular and synthetic compounds", commented Torosh.

So far the Company conceals which food supplement will be supplied to India. It is a commercial secret. "Development is under way jointly by three companies", stressed Torosh and added that the product will be promoted in India by Art Life Company.

"We want to offer our Indian sites. It will be a good start. People of India like Siberian exotic products. We know the Indian market structure well. We have several sales offices in India and, probably, we are the only company in Tomsk that can ensure good entrance to that market" added Alexander Avstrievskih, Head of Art Life Company.

Source: "Tomsk" Regional Information Agency (Tomsk RIA)
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