SEZ "Tomsk" residents can develop their projects on the new sites


According to press-service of SEZ, residents of special economic zone "Tomsk" can construct new buildings and develop their chemical, petrochemical and machine-building projects at additional 62 hectares of the Northern Site.

An Additional Agreement between RF Ministry of Economic Development, Tomsk Region Administration and administration of the City of Tomsk on increasing the area of Northern Site of SEZ Tomsk by 62 hectares has come into force.

The area of Northern Site has been shared between acting residents. The development concept of the added area has been developed.

On the reserved territories of the Northern Site the preference will be given to projects in chemistry, petrochemistry, machine building and metalworks.

"Reasib" Company, a resident ofSEZ Tomsk has already declared their plans on facilities construction on the added area; "NIITEK TPU-Burenie" also plans to extend at the expense of those areas.

"We <...> together with Dzhurong Company consultants from Singapore have developed a concept of the area development <...>. So far as the territory has been extended, we are ready to start infrastructure engineering in 2015", commented Konstantin Kaminsky, Acting General Director of OJSC "SEZ TVT Tomsk".

Source: "Tomsk" Regional Information Agency (Tomsk RIA)
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