Companies of the Tomsk cluster will produce import-substituting products


Companies of Tomsk territorial innovations cluster "Pharmaceutics, medical equipment and information technologies" intend to increase the number of new developments, the scope of production and to enter the world market with new highly efficient innovation medicinal preparations, medical equipment, bio-composite materials, software, IT systems and software&hardware complexes.

It was reported by Mikhail Sonkin, Deputy Governor of Tomsk region on scientific and educational complex and innovation policy.

"The main objective of the companies within a cluster is to start production of import-substituting products as soon as possible as it is a matter of national security. It cannot be resolved in one day and by one company only, whereas cluster will ensure efficient cooperation", said the Governor.

M. Sonkin also added that a robotics and technical cluster with robotics centre is being created currently in Tomsk region.

"Companies, higher educational institutions and research institutes of Tomsk have experts and specialists capable to raise robotics on the new level of development", noted he.

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In 2014 Tomsk region was among the first five claimants out of 25 regions who, following the results of competition held by RF Ministry of Economic Development, will get subsidies for co-financing the cluster projects. 197.5 million RUB will be assigned from the federal budget for developing the territorial cluster "Pharmaceutics, medical equipment and information technologies" in the region, which is four times higher that subsidies assigned in 2013.

An innovation territorial cluster "Pharmaceutics and Medial Equipment" includes 246 companies, 43 of which are residents of "Tomsk" Special Economic Zone, and 13 companies are from the Academic Town (Academgorodok, Novosibirsk). 104 companies work in "Pharmaceutics, medical equipment" and 142 companies work for "Information technologies and electronic devices"

Source: Press-Service of the Tomsk Region Administration.
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