Tomsk "Virion" company will supply vaccine to Nicaragua


Representatives from Nicaragua Institute of Social Insurance visited production site of NPO "Microgen" (Scientific and Production Association "Microgen") branch in Tomsk to make familiar with NPO "Virion" products.

According to the press-services of NPO "Virion", Nicaragua people plan to start dispensing the immune preparations of Russian manufacture, NPO "Mikrogen" being one of the largest manufacturers of them. Upon request of Nicaragua partners Russian technologies can be transferred to Nicaragua in the future.

"Quality control system has been functioning in our company for several years and meets all the requirements of the International Standard, and this fact encourages us to share experience with our foreign partners", noted A. Koltunov, Director of NPO "Virion".

The guests visited a new workshop of "Virion" for production of drug products that is furnished with modern equipment and meets all the GMP requirements. It was opened on September 12, 2014.

"At the moment we register several Russian vaccines in Nicaragua. We are glad we can cooperate in a fruitful manner and get an overall idea on Russian technologies that we intend to introduce in Nicaragua in the nearest time", stressed Espinosa Altamirano Martha Soraida, a chemist-pharmacist.

The working visit was held within tripartite agreement between Nicaragua Institute of Social Insurance, St.-Petersburg Research Institute of Vaccine and Serum of Federal Medical and Biological Agency (FMBA) of Russia, and FGUP NPO "Mikrogen" of the Russian Ministry of Healthcare on creation of pharmaceutical production of vaccine and immune-biological preparations in Nicaragua Republic.

According to Alvares Gonsales Selia Margarite, a project coordinator in the Nicaragua Institute of Social Insurance, Nicaragua is interested in construction of a mill for vaccine production.

"That is why we are here, in Tomsk branch of NPO "Microgen". Russian methodology is rather transparent and is very important in the area of population protection from dangerous diseases that can be prevented by timely population immunization", said Alvares Gonsales Selia Margarite.

Source: NIA-Tomsk
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