Rosavtodor will support the construction of a Tomsk section of the Severnaya latitudinal road


Dmitry Pronchatov, Deputy Head of the Federal Road Agency, informed Sergey Zhvachkin, the Tomsk region Governor, on supporting the construction and modernization of a Tomsk section of the Severnaya (Northern) latitudinal road.

"Project realization is deemed to be a strategic objective in ensuring the region development. To this end the Federal Road Agency finds the project realization practical and supports its realization on the terms of partnership between the State and private companies. We are also ready to consider the issue of co-financing the capital grant of the Project", stressed Deputy Head of Federal Road Agency in his letter.

Deputy Head of Rosavtodor has also noted that the project of construction and modernization of the Tomsk section of Severnaya (Northern) latitudinal road was discussed at the round-table discussion "Legal and financial issues of realizing the projects on the terms of partnership between the State and private companies" that was held in September in Sochi.

"Experts of Federal Road Agency noted thorough nature of the Project development and gave recommendations to take it as a base", stressed Dmitry Pronchatov in his letter and mentioned that realization of regional projects on partnership terms is an essential trend in the development of a road network in Russia.

"Last week together with Natalia Komarova, Yugra Governor, we opened the bridge across the Vah River, the most important section of Severnaya latitudinal road. We must move forward and connect the capital of Tomsk oil province with other areas of the region along this transport corridor. Rosavtodor support of this large-scale project is a good signal for the business invited to joint work", noted Sergey Zhvachkin, Governor of Tomsk region.


Source: Press-Service of Tomsk Region Administration.
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