Tomsk region is among the most sustainable regions of Russia


Subject to results as of October 2014, according to "Petersburg Policy" Fund,Tomsk region is among the regions with most stable social and political situation.

In the rating developed by the Fund, Tomsk regions comes the sixth: The region was awarded 8.1 degrees, the average degree for Russia being 6.59.

Experts of "Petersburg Policy" Fund identified factors positively affecting the situation in Tomsk region. The most notable event was the meeting of Sergey Zhvachkin, the Governor, and Igor Sechin, Head of "Rosatom", where they discussed the prospects of cooperation between the region and the Company. The experts also noted the signing by Tomsk region and "Sibur" Company a road map on expanding the potential for using the products of Tomsk companies for the Company needs. Agreements between Governors of Tomsk and Novosibirsk regions on construction of the Igol-Orlovka motor road and agreements between Heads of Tomsk and Kemerovo regions on construction of a new Tomsk-Taiga motor road had a positive effect on the situation in the region. Opening the bridge across the Vah River and Governor's decision to buy apartments to families with triplets from the regional budget were also positive factors. Experts from "Petersburg Policy" Fund took into account that S&P, International Rating Agency confirmed the credit solvency of Tomsk region as "stable" at the level of "BB-/ruAA forecast.

House arrest of Nikolay Nikolaichuk, former Mayor of Tomsk abused of exceeding official powers was among the negative factors. "Proposal of Tomsk Duma to Stepan Rudenko to abdicate for worrying the members of Japanese delegation being in drunk state" worsened the region's image. In addition, the number of AIDS cases in Tomsk region increased by 20%.

Source: NIA-Tomsk
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