Tomsk projects won the All-Russia Energy Efficiency Award


In the All-Russia Energy Saving and Efficiency Award held by RF Ministry of Energy the Tomsk projects were among the best in nomination of low-rise housing construction and transport. 

Project of a standard two-story "passive" dwelling houses constructed using the technology of monolith polysterolcomcrete developed by the Institute of Non-Destructive Control of Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU)  was the first in nomination "A Low-Story Dwelling House".

"For the house to be assumed passive it shall keep as much heat as is needed for his inhabitants and ideally shall not require additional heating. In Siberian conditions it is hardly possible, but heating season in our house will make from two to four months a year only, provided the temperature will be below 20 degrees. Additional heating will be provided by infra-red heaters with very low energy consumption, said Yuri Sheffer, the author of the Project, a post-graduate of the Chair of Ecology and Vital Activity Safety of the Institute of Non-Destructive Control of TPU.

He also added that the "passive nature" can be achieved owing to unique construction technology and specific material, polystirolconcrete. In addition, temperature and humidity sensors are in-built into the walls of a "passive house" every 2.5 cm: according to calculations of builders, moisture shall not penetrate into the building.

A project of a Tomsk "Buran" Company on infra-red heating of Tomsk trams for the purpose of electricity saving and for raising the air temperature in the tram saloons was the second in nomination "The best energy-saving project in public transport". Infrared ceiling heaters were installed in three trams and energy consumption was 30% less than that in trams with standard equipment.

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A total of 38 projects were participating in the regional competition and seven of them were selected for participation in the All-Russia Award whose results were determined by on-line voting. The Winners were awarded on November, 20 at the International Forum on Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency ENES-2014 in Moscow.

Source: Press-Service of Tomsk Region Administration.
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