The law about Industrial parks passed the first reading in the Tomsk region


Within the fifth meeting of the Legislative Duma of Tomsk region of the V convocation deputies approved the bill "About Industrial parks in the Tomsk Region" in the first reading. 

The bill provides a mechanism of creation and operation of industrial parks in the region. The document defines the powers of the Tomsk region Administration and local authorities, as well as criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of industrial parks.

According to the project developers, the industrial park is an industrial area with modern engineering and transport infrastructure. On the territory of industrial park will be located manufacturing, warehousing and administrative premises with vehicle entrances to each of the sites, municipal infrastructure, which is necessary for organization of activities of a residents.

Before discussion in the Legislative Duma a particular interest to the project of the act was shown by representatives of business community, including offers within public consultation from Tomsk Commerce and Industry chamber, the NP "MPO Employers of the Tomsk region" and others.


The concept of industrial parks have been discussed by authorities in 2013, which supposed the possibility of creating the production site for development of small and medium enterprises, and also promoting the investment attractiveness of the Tomsk region.

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