Tomsk authorities help foreign students to adapt


Tomsk authorities discussed the issues of migration legislation, employment and Russian citizenship acquisition at the meeting with foreign students.

Students were especially interested in a temporary residence permit and a permanent residence permit acquisition, the Russian Federation citizenship, work permit and migration registration procedures. The Russian Federal Migration Service Directorate representatives from the Tomsk Region Department gave detailed answers to all of the questions.

Besides this, foreign students received the particulars of the Inter-University hospital work, medical care provision and voluntary health insurance programs. Students expressed a wish to have English-speaking staff in the hospital. Yanina Koroshchenko, Deputy Chief Physician at the Inter-University Hospital Polyclinic, assured that the administration is working on it. There are some doctors in the hospital who have a good level of English, among them, in particular, an urologist and an obstetrician-gynaecologist.

Alexey Pushkarenko, the Head of the Regional Department for Higher Education, reminded that meetings with foreign students in Tomsk universities are held regularly. Through these meetings many issues are solved in collaboration with university administrations and Migration Service. Beginning November 17, the region administration representatives will visit dormitories and students will have another chance to talk about current issues.

Almost 10,000 students go to Tomsk universities: most of them are from CIS countries and about 800 - from elsewhere. The range of the non-CIS countries from which students come from has widened according to the 2014 enrollment campaign. There are students from Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Haiti, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Pakistan, Chile and the USA. All in all, in Tomsk universities there are students from 39 non-CIS countries.

Source: NIA-Tomsk
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