Siberian Chemical Combine obtains Russian State Expert Evaluation Department’s seal of approval on new conversion facility project


Siberian Chemical Combine (SCC) obtained the Russian State Expert Evaluation Department’s seal of approval on a project to set up a new uranium conversion facility.

As reported earlier, SCC is the largest Russian plant producing uranium hexafluoride which is used for the enrichment of uranium to be made into nuclear fuel. The plan is to set up a 7 billion rubles facility in the closed city of Seversk (satellite city of Tomsk). Initially, the project was scheduled to be implemented in 2013.

“The project has many phases. First of all, we needed to evaluate its financial attractiveness and prove its safety.  We passed the Russian State expert evaluation in December and obtained their approval. The shift in the schedule gave us time to better develop the project. According to the latest information, construction starts in 2015, and the first plants are put into operation in 2018,” commented SSCs General Director Sergey Tochilin.

The government’s seal of approval was sent to Rosatom. They will review the documents and make a decision on the schedule of the project. The new conversion facility will be located near the SCC’s radiochemical plant. It will consist of refining, oxide sublimation, fluoride production, and waste handling plants.

Source: Regional Information Agency Tomsk (RIA Tomsk)
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